Fuzhou Colshine Electric Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of quality electrical products with more than 20 years' experience; we provide OEM and ODM services. Each year, we design & make many new products; we can make good quality products as per your samples or ideas. Main Products: Factory No. 1: Sauna lamp, Retro Ceramic Wall Switch & Socket, Porcelain Lamp Holder, Vintage Metal Lamp Holder, Porcelain Wall Light, Ceiling Rose, Pendant Lights(lamp cord sets), Adapters(converters), Fabric Cables,etc Factory No. 2: LED Street Light, UFO high bay, LED Corn Bulbs, LED Panel Lights, LED Wall Pack Light, etc All products are for export only, with CE, VDE, UL, ETL,... …

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Colshine Electric --- is the company which main business activity is manufacture and delivery of the goods used practically in all spheres of human life. These are porcelain light, pendant light, table light, retro ceramic wall switch & socket, LED lighting fixtures and many other things.

Advantages of work with Colshine Electric

 Responsibility for quality of the goods and services
椭圆1  Competitive prices at high quality of the goods
椭圆1  Fast delivery time(lead time)
椭圆1  An individual approach to each client



Colshine booth at the Canton fair 2023 Spring edition is 19.2F33


Dear Customers, We are excited to announce our participation in the Canton Fair 2023. Colshine Electric will be showcasing the latest products and solutions at  Booth: 19.2F33,  15th-19th April,2023. We would like to invite you to visit our boo...

Colshine textile lighting cable is a high-quality fabric cable for use in vintage and DIY lighting


Colshine textile lighting cable is a high-quality fabric cable that is designed for use in vintage and DIY lighting projects. This cable is made of premium materials, such as cotton and linen, and is designed to be both functional and decorative. One of the great features of C...

Colshine vintage metal lampholders for diy lighting and pendant lights


Colshine is a brand that offers a range of metal lampholders for various lighting applications. Our lampholders are typically made of high-quality metal, such as brass or aluminum, and are designed to provide a secure and reliable connection between the light bulb and the electri...

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